Four Freightliner Shopping Mistakes

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Shopping for freightliners is really not that different from purchasing other items. Confidence about the item, receiving it quickly and being able to afford it will all be on your mind as you seek these semi-trucks for your self-owned business. However, mistakes are always possible if purchasing company vehicles is something you're not familiar with. What oughtn't happen? 

1-You Avoid Previously-Owned Trucks

Buying new doesn't necessarily do you many favors with freightliners. A truck released this year won't be that different, features-wise, than one released a few years back. Spending more because you think "new" automatically means "better" is a foolhardy mistake. Compare and examine recent used models and you'll discover they're suitable and a bargain.

2-You Avoid Loans

Being adamant that you'll pay for the truck with only company money seems smart. However, you could be handicapping your business to do so. For one thing, having more money can mean a superior freightliner. For another, if all your company's excess money is tied up in the truck, emergencies become more concerning. Leave yourself a financial cushion for other company expenses by looking for the best reasonable rates you're able to find on freightliner loans.

3-You Buy Without Sitting

You may not personally have a semi-truck operator's license, so you probably don't want to hit the road for any test drives. However, inspections can still occur--and should, even when you're purchasing a vehicle seen online. Asking about history, previous accidents and other details is possible, and you can learn and observe by sitting quietly and sharp-eyed inside the cab. Looking up and around to note condition can reveal a history of water damage, for instance. A worn down, ripped seat could mean discomfort for your own workers and possible neglect by previous owners. Everything you see might prompt relevant questions.

4-You Forget Warranties

If you're getting a vehicle from another company owner, they may just want to get the semi off their own parking lot. Therefore, warranties are probably not a thought. However, reputable freightliner dealers do often grant warranty protection for every truck, even used models. In some cases, your vehicle decision could be affected by this.

Committing to a freightliner purchase is easy, but getting a deal and finding suitable vehicles is challenging sometimes. Discuss models with peers, managers, dealers and parts suppliers; through these talks you may better make a buy that's reasonable, affordable and worth it.

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